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Sapa is Located 38 km from and 376 km away from Hanoi, Sapa is a mountainous district of Lao Cai province, a region known as the Da Lat of the North, is the Alps mountain range of Indochina country .. .

Sa Pa is beautiful and romantic, like a pearl among middle clouds mountains. Sapa is also the unique climate with four different seasons in one day. In the morning the sun rises like cool  spring weather. Warm in the noon time felt a little like summer. Sun set, a little chilly as the autumn air and at night - seems winter. Sa Pa there is snow frequency from 4 to 6 years in some winters. Cloud in  Sa Pa when the white foam spread covered mountains, when the river is flat on the ground, sometimes as waves playing chase each other, sometimes melt like icebergs, sometimes blurred as color smog. Sometimes seeing it pure white, pristine white of Sapa ice as increase the attractiveness of land which already many public interesting.

Come to Sa Pa is a unique human resource areas. Sa Pa Market booth with colorful brocade, Old Mothers are selling. Mouth offer embroidery, hand embroidery needles swiftly escape. At Saturday night the air fragrant smell of local alcohol, the sounds of praise environmental guidance call.  the Sapa market even more captivating.

West of the town of Sapa is the Hoang Lien Son mountain range Fansipan peak height of 3143 meters, is the area of a wide variety of rare plants and is the ideal location for those who want adventure sport climbing. Sapa has many natural beauty such as Silverwaterfall, Cloud bright, Ta Phin, ancient Stone …

Cat Cat - Y Linh Ho

The road from Sa Pa winds through hilly terrain and past terraced rice fields, where you reach Cat Cat cultural village, just 3kms from Sa Pa town. A leisurely walk through the old village offers an overview of the traditional customs and practices of the ethnic Black Hmong minority. Stop by a stunning waterfall and the vestige of a hydroelectric power station, constructed by the French during the colonial era in Viet Nam. Follow a dirt trail snaking through the mountain and enjoy spectacular scenery while trekking along a narrow river until you reach Y Linh Ho village, home of the Black Hmong minority.  Take a rest by the Muong Hoa Stream before climbing toward the road where your driver is waiting  to transport you back to Sa Pa.

Love waterfall


A 40 minute drive takes you to Tram Ton Pass at the height of 2047 meters above sea level (the highest pass in Vietnam) where great views are offered of the surrounding mountains and lush forests of the Hoang Lien National Park. From there you will trek 30 minutes through forest. Along the way you have many chances to see wild flowers. Trekking along the stream you will arrive the Love Waterfall . It is the best place for relax in Sa Pa then return Tram Ton and drive back to Sa Pa.

Silver Waterfall - Heaven’s Gate


A 30 minute drive takes you to Silver Waterfall (best seen in the rainy season from May to November), take a short walk to the waterfall where great views are offered of the surrounding mountains and lush forests of the Hoang Lien National Park. Along the way your guide will explain about this special part of Sa Pa, where many tree species are grown such as pear, plum and peach trees. Continue by car 1minutes up to Heaven’s Gate, from here you can see Fansipan mountain the roof of Indochina at the height of 3143 meters above sea level. Drive back to Sa Pa.

Ta Phin

Travel by car to Ta Phin where you can meet Red Dao people( the most colorfull people in Sapa). You will walk around Ta Phin village where 2 ethnic groups, Black Hmong and Red Dao minorities, live their own way with no cultural mixture. Experience how different they are in many ways by visiting their house and interact with the locals.

Lao Chai - Tavan

A short journey of 20 minutes by car takes you to Muong Hoa valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in northwest Viet Nam. Descending into the valley by foot you will see the largest terraced rice paddy in the Sa Pa area (If you visit the valley between May and October, there is a chance to experience and observe how the locals plant and harvest rice). The walk takes you from Lao Chai village of the Black H’mong minority to Ta Van village of the Zay minority, providing the opportunity to see the different traditions and costumes of the two ethnic minority groups. Return to Sa Pa by car.

Sin Ho market

After an early breakfast in your hotel you will travel to Silver Waterfall and Heaven’s Gate before driving to Lai Chau (approximately 1.5 hours) on the longest and most stunning mountain pass in Viet Nam. Along the way you have many chances to witness the authentic life of local minority people in the northwest of Viet Nam. Arriving at Sin Ho Market around 11am, you will encounter a photogenic display of Red Hmong, Black Dao and Thai ethnic costumes. Chinese people also attend the market for trading. After exploring the market you will leave for a hill tribe village, enjoying a picnic lunch on the way before driving back to Sa Pa in the afternoon.

Muong Hum market

From Sa Pa we drive to Ban Xeo Village, this drive leads you to a very authentic area that is still not visited by tourists. The bumpy road takes you off the main tourist trail and enables you to discover the unspoiled hill tribe culture. Your driver will transfer you to Muong Hum Market where you discover that you are the only tourist in this impressive local market. After the market, we will drive you to Ha Nhi minority Village, a picnic lunch will be served on the way at a beautiful location. Transfer back to Sa Pa in the afternoon.  

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